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How to pass coding tests and assessments for a software developer job

By Naveed SarwarSeptember 26th 2022
How to pass coding tests and assessments for a software developer job

Coding tests can be difficult sometimes to get through on the spot. Especially the prelude session of any job process requires logical assessment test, that is basically, you writing a script within a defined period of time that too without any online help! Lets dig further on how you can ace it. A polished resume will not ensure success in a coding test. A lack of preparation is a major reason why engineers fail coding tests. A coding test requires preparation and a lot of practise.

I have been through these times and understand how one feels while stressing out before stepping in to this big step towards their career. I can assure you that Toptal, Turing, TestGorilla or any other platform's test can be easily cleared if you are determined and focused. Furthermore, except for having skills here are some of the little things that could be considered before starting this journey!

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Understand and practise the fundamentals of programming, including variable declaration, operators, looping structures, control structures, and programme structure. You already know how to code, but you should review and refresh your knowledge of the fundamentals.

Although it may seem obvious, practising your coding skills is the best way to keep them sharp. Work on solving difficult coding problems.

Develop new approaches and refine your coding to produce the most efficient and elegant code possible. To practise, use online coding websites.

Coding tests come with written instructions, so read them thoroughly and take your time before beginning. Take your time. Keep track of the time, but don't overlook important details.


Some tech firms repeatedly ask the same coding questions; in this case, practise common questions and try to solve them in various ways of determining which is the most efficient and appropriate. However, if the company delegates random coding test problems, be prepared for the unexpected and practise solving unusual coding challenges.

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But Remember! Because engineering and computing are such broad subjects, any type of question could arise, so don't limit yourself to the standard ones. Investigate related topics. Basic discrete math, machine learning, and generic systems engineering are examples of subjects that may be related to coding and software development.


Interviewers/evaluators will notice and provide feedback on how you solve specific coding problems. Always be patient and polite, and take any feedback to improve your performance the next time. Be open to constructive feedback. Because of time constraints and the pressure that you may feel while solving a coding test, your coding will never be perfect.

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Take the coding exam seriously, but don't become overwhelmed or stressed: Always remain humble, open-minded, and friendly. Remember that your interviewers are also people who just want the best for you.

Coding tests are used to assess your technical ability as an engineering candidate. It allows engineering managers to assess your technical level while also taking into account your soft skills. As a result, whether you pass or fail the interview is not always determined by the results of your coding test.

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